Legacy Route

Ride the Hurricane is a ride, not a race, so participants are encouraged to go at their own pace and within their ability. It is a challenging, round trip with a maximum grade of 11.2% and a thrilling downhill payoff after the climb to the top.

Strait to Summit or Heart of the Hills

Ride the Hurricane has a new check in location

Ride day check in is now at Port Angeles City Pier to provide a true sea-level starting point. Some participants choose to add a ride along a narrow sand spit called Ediz Hook, which curves a mile and a half out into Port Angeles harbor, to enhance their “Strait to Summit” experience. The section just before the Heart of the Hills ranger station, at the entrance to Olympic National Park, is a notable, sustained grade that past participants say is one of the most difficult parts of the ride. Some cyclists choose to avoid this stretch and begin at the national park entrance, which also allows them to avoid riding on city streets. Please see the registration page for details on advance check in Friday or Saturday which will allow you to start the ride when and where you’d like.

Strait to Summit 39.9 miles round trip. This ride begins at Port Angeles city pier, up through the streets of Port Angeles, through the entrance to Olympic National Park. Cyclists will continue up the road to the summit, for a total elevation gain of 5,374 feet. The road into the park will be closed to motor vehicles between 7 am and noon. Download a map of Strait to Summit

Photo courtesy of Tom Robertson

Heart of the Hills to Hurricane Ridge 25 miles round trip. Cyclist who only want to ride on the closed Hurricane Ridge road can park at the Heart of the Hills Ranger Station that marks the entrance to Olympic National Park. From here they ride up to Hurricane Ridge visitor’s center, for an elevation gain of 3528 feet, before heading back down. Download a map of Heart of the Hills

Photo courtesy of Ron Eccles

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